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Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
Wolf and the team land on the station

Wolf: acknowledged. OK people we are on our own for now.


Forge: launch all fighters. All weapons fire at will. Cover the reconciliation if any one can stop those mines its them.


Jacob: alright you keep them busy I'll go have a look at the mines.

He leaves the ship heading for the nearest mine.
*Sabre Squad, who'd arrived with Wolf's team, begin to explore the station.*

Scorch: We'll cover more ground if we split up. We'll stay in communication contact. Good luck, Commander.

*With Archangel and Stane's Strike Team. Archangel kills a merc, looking at the armour and recognising it as similar to her own.*

Archangel: This is Stane's Armour...

*She dashes back to cover as more mercs and facedancers show up.*

Why do I get the feeling that we've been set up?!

*She manages to snipe several of the mercs at long range before grabbing her knife from her ankle and stabbing it into a Facedancer's throat, forcing it to revert to its original form.*
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