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*Sabre Squad, who'd arrived with Wolf's team, begin to explore the station.*

Scorch: We'll cover more ground if we split up. We'll stay in communication contact. Good luck, Commander.

*With Archangel and Stane's Strike Team. Archangel kills a merc, looking at the armour and recognising it as similar to her own.*

Archangel: This is Stane's Armour...

*She dashes back to cover as more mercs and facedancers show up.*

Why do I get the feeling that we've been set up?!

*She manages to snipe several of the mercs at long range before grabbing her knife from her ankle and stabbing it into a Facedancer's throat, forcing it to revert to its original form.*
*Gyunei kills another merc while tossing him to Northman who sends him flying off the ledge and down several floors head first.*

Gyunei: *Looks at the armor* I know Stane was supplying weapons to both sides of the Klingon Civil War, this looks like one of them. So no I don't think we have been set up. Why bother bringing us back?

Northman: It would be counter productive... These Klingons and mercs from what I read are discommendated.. It looks to me that someone did not read all of her required reading.

*A Face Dancer tries to come up behind them but is taken up by Northman as he starts smashing it on the walls. and smearing it all over. *

Northman: May I suggest we keep moving? It won't be long til they start bombing the place.

Gyunei: Their ships have mistaken the placement of the minefield it is behind them as well as soon as they reach that distance.

*The dreadnaughts fire again knocking several republic vessels out of commission. The hull of the Dolos starts repairing itself. The fighters are matching the Republic fighters.. The UNSC ships soon come under fire from weapons platforms and the station defenses knocking several out.. It soon starts becoming clear that there is no wonder why they never found this terror cell.

The mines behind them start moving in striking the ships and they soon see the power that the UNSC had in their weapons as another wing of UNSC is wiped out from their WMD mines *

*OOC: May I point out that AT fields are not easily avoided unless you have another in the vicinity. Plus I haven't exactly said what powers them. Can't be sniped it will just bounce or rebound..*

*Their shot soon rebounds back to them overloading their ZPC's... and damaging the strike point.*

ODST: Looks like this Omarka thought of just about everything... The mines are still coming in... We need to move before we get another that will detonate another large blast...

The Republic has one heading right for them.. Heat signatures show it.