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Originally Posted by davidwford View Post
That Ferasans (aka Kzinti) have base ground combat values better than even Klingons is a travesty! I think it should be more like follows:

Klingons, Gorn, Ferasans (Kzinti) > Caitian, Orion, Vulcan > Romulan, Reman, Nausicaan > All others
Think I posted on this in the "Gorn need more metel" thread, but I feel I need to repeat it here.

The Ferasans and Caitians were once a unified species, but an extensive genetic engineering program has greatly modified the Ferasan genome.
Ferasans are a bunch of augmented Khaaaaaaan! space kitties, they ain't as inferior as the Caitians or Klingons (remember the human augments that wiped the floor with Klingons and stole their ship in Ent) and they aren't as slow as the lumbering Gorn.

I do think Gorn should have more Physical Strength attributes on ground than they do, but OP has his bias and I have mine and as Ferasakhan would say, "ours is superior".
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