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Ryan: By all means. The Victorious is still stuck waiting for repairs to be finished, so we won't be going in for a while.

Admiral, the R.R.W. Marrucious is on her way here to support us, so if you see a D'Deridex-Class Warbird, don't panic.

Also, I wasn't going to berate you on the Treaty of Algeron. If Imperial incursions are any indication, the Romulans have already violated the Treaty.
Voporak: It was a stupid treaty to begin with anyway... but anyway I will be going now. Black Phantom, one to beam back.

*On the bridge*

Set course for the Vault, warp 9, time-lapse the core, raise cloak, engage.

*The ship's nacelles glow, but it vanishes from sensors before entering warp. The time-lapse effect (the temporal core pushes the ship slightly out of place with time to increase speed without going transwarp) leaves a barely noticeable few residual chronitons*

OOC: I'm leaving a nice little trail of breadcrumb clues for your characters to follow (the first one being Voporak's seemingly impossible speed to arrive just after Soval during the Great Barrier Particle emergency). This part here doesn't need to be followed up on at all, it's more for my own personal brand of effect.

*Voporak's ready room. He has briefed Mirra on the situation*

Mirra: That was Ryan Allington, wasn't it?

Voporak: You bet a pretty penny that was. Let's just hope things don't turn out the same way. It is a different timeline and therefore can end up differently than that other hellhole of a reality.

Mirra: Hopefully events will change to not go down that route.

Voporak: Indeed.

*Voporak glances at the profile and image displayed on his desk screen, the profile belonging to Samantha Allington.*
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YAY I'M EVOLVED! *drools on his chin*
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Welcome to the STO forums, where the evolutionary clock ticks backwards.
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