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09-03-2013, 12:14 AM
Posting this here in this thread because the forum won't let me start new threads (even though I'm a LIFETIME subscriber for STO) ...

I am a lifetime member for STO (since release), however, I have not played STO for some time, Recently, when I logged into the official STO forums, the website said that it detected other Perfect World accounts also attached to my email address and asked me if I would like to link those accounts. I selected YES and now when I log in to the STO website, instead of seeing my account with lifetime membership, I see the account I've been using to play neverwinter, which I assume is what's meant to happen once accounts are linked, HOWEVER, my lifetime STO membership is gone! When logging into the game, all my characters are gone, and my lifetime sub is not recognised.

I've already lodged a support ticked which was responded to a few days later with a suggested fix that did not work. I responded by updating the ticket and saying that the so called 'fix' didn't work. Since then (over a week ago), I've heard literally nothing back from the support staff .. not even a "we're working on it" etc...

I paid for a LIFETIME sub. Can someone official please respond here?!? I'd like this fixed so I can play STO. If you can't be bothered to respond to my ticket (even to say it's being looked into) perhaps I should be asking for my money back?