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Originally Posted by milanvorius View Post
Got pointed to this to look at power questions, trying out the calculator now. Thanks for that.
You're welcome. Enjoy!

Originally Posted by milanvorius View Post
Is it common for MMOs to change their mechanics so much? Skill tree, power impacts, currency availabilities. I figured somethings would be kept the same for the need of consistency, especially if there is no "instruction manual" or tech specs.
STO was my first MMO, and I've since "dabbled" in Cryptic's Champions Online, but I really can't speak for MMOs in general. STO doesn't normally change their mechanics. They do occasionally tweak power abilities from time-to-time in an attempt to balance play, but the core mechancis don't change often.

The first time the power mechanics dramatically changed was back when the skills were revamped with the launch of Season 5 (Jan 2012). Then most recently Cryptic added the Warp Core mechancis with the Legacy of Romulus expansion (May 2013). Otherwise, they have only performed minor adjustments to a couple of skills and traits, and added new ships and devices, over the years.

I keep the Calc updated as things change, so you can check back here for a new version, as needed. And if you're curious, all changes to the Calc have been recorded on the About tab located within the sheet.

Originally Posted by milanvorius View Post
Question on it, does the efficient BO stack linearly? It shows on your calculator that each boff adds 7.5 to WCE, but I have read and operated under the assumption that it had diminishing returns.
Yup, Efficiency Traits (belonging to either BO or Captain) stack linearly. This is how the Calc represents it, and it does match game play. Where did you read otherwise?

Now there is some irregularity in the way the WCE skill affects power levels. To quote the OP: "Warp Core Efficiency only affects power levels when a subsystem is set below 75 and is most effective closer to 15."

So if you set your Auxiliary Power to 25, you'll get more bang out of your WCE skill than if you set your Aux to 50. And if your Aux were set to 80 or more, your WCE will stop helpipng your Auxiliary entirely.

This isn't Diminishing Returns, it's just the unique way in which WCE helps low power settings more than high power settings. And it helps all your subsystems that are below 75.

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