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Yeah, I'm stubbornly sticking with my KDF BoP in PvP. It's definitely outdated now, in the face of what the Romulans offer. The universal boffstations aren't all that awesome nowadays, the Romulans get a better battlecloak for less sacrifice, etc. I've been noting that it's gotten awfully hard to fight effectively in PvP using a BoP because it's so squishy compared to what the Romulan ships are capable of. Not to mention every two-bit Fed-lover can just roll a Romulan and turn BoP tactics against the BoPs using ships that are better at said tactics. I don't even like to fight in arenas anymore, because I know my BoP is a liability. I stick with C+H and Ker'rat.

It's really frustrating. I'm hoping Cryptic buffs the BoP class in general at some point, in a way that makes the BoPs relevant again.
Was this you yesterday? Barg 2

I have to disagree that Romulans are that superior. Fleet T'Varo is the closest comparison to a Fleet B'rel BoP due to both having Enhanced Battlecloak. However, the T'Varo is also very squishy, although technically a little more resilient than the BoP, it comes at the expense of less speed and turn rate. Speed & turn rate can make an otherwise squishy ship like the Risian Corvette comparable if not surpassing the Bug ship.

The All-Universal boff stations is a big deal vs. the Romulans. The T'Varo, Dhelan and Valdore, none of them can use PSW III or VM III in their decloaked alpha whereas BoP can. Minimax mostly flies a T'Varo now, frankly, his alpha is getting pretty useless because he always opens with a VM1 which is like shooting air gun at a Federation ship with 170+ subsystem repair & 70+ inertial dampeners. The effect last barely 1 sec. So now he adds in Jam Sensors as well but people quickly adapt by figuring out what he is doing.

I will never take a true BoP lightly because they remain the only ship that can truly disable a target before using the double tap exploit. A T'Varo, I just laugh.