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Was this you yesterday? Barg 2

I have to disagree that Romulans are that superior. Fleet T'Varo is the closest comparison to a Fleet B'rel BoP due to both having Enhanced Battlecloak. However, the T'Varo is also very squishy, although technically a little more resilient than the BoP, it comes at the expense of less speed and turn rate. Speed & turn rate can make an otherwise squishy ship like the Risian Corvette comparable if not surpassing the Bug ship.

The All-Universal boff stations is a big deal vs. the Romulans. The T'Varo, Dhelan and Valdore, none of them can use PSW III or VM III in their decloaked alpha whereas BoP can. Minimax mostly flies a T'Varo now, frankly, his alpha is getting pretty useless because he always opens with a VM1 which is like shooting air gun at a Federation ship with 170+ subsystem repair & 70+ inertial dampeners. The effect last barely 1 sec. So now he adds in Jam Sensors as well but people quickly adapt by figuring out what he is doing.

I will never take a true BoP lightly because they remain the only ship that can truly disable a target before using the double tap exploit. A T'Varo, I just laugh.
Nah, I usually do better than that fellow. In most matches (unless I'm against a bunch of top-tier players from Sad Pandas, etc) I usually manage to get at least 1-2 kills to my credit. On bad days, I blow up 2-4 times. Depends on how many mines people spam everywhere (one match recently had mines accounting for 2-3 out of 4 deaths), and how good at anti-cloak tactics they are. I consider myself a vulnerability because I'm both squishy AND not doing as much damage as other similarly squishy ships because I'm flying a Fleet Norgh with 3 tac consoles. On top of that, I don't use exploits. . .I don't double-tap. I'm not skilled enough to properly use PSW before hitting the target, because that requires more precise piloting than I'm able to do most of the time.

I do my part, but the weaknesses of the BoP class really make it difficult nowadays.
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