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09-04-2013, 02:41 AM
Originally Posted by kjwashington View Post
I really hate to be that guy but...

...the K'vort is the same length as the Hegh'ta, just with more mass. It should be a raider. Probably have slightly more hull and 1 less turn. I also think it should be given a 4/2/4 (eng/sci/tac) console layout (for the fleet version). And obviously, the wings shouldn't go down when attacking (as seen on the show).

So, ya, that would be my number 1. My number 2 would be a buff to raiders to make them more competitive.
If length were the only determining fact to decide which ship is what, then the 228 meter long K't'inga would be the most aglie raider around.
However the K'vort is indeed far more massive when you scale it to the same length as the Hegh'ta.

There's also the fact that the K'vort was called "battlecruiser" onscreen.
In addition the "Hayne's Owner's Workshop" for the Bird of Prey also makes it clear that "Bird of Prey" defines a shape and not a function and that the K'vort is a cruiser and a precursor to the Vor'cha in its function as a modern cruiser.