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09-04-2013, 04:09 AM
Last night I did the three space STFs before going to bed. ISE and CSE were with...passable teams, but in KASE, I began loosing my nerves at one point, fortunately for me, I could hold back from typing in the chat.
Sooo...we start the mission - nothing suspicious - I start launching my fighters and after 25 seconds I join the fight against the tactical cube. We're done with it relatively fast, I stayed at the center to herd my fighters (the damn zerglings have the habit of running off to the other side of the map, leaving me clawless). Seeing that there is no one on the right side, I went there and did my routine. There were 11 minutes left on the optional timer, when I started camping at the right gate disposing of the emerging probes...and I did that for maybe 15 minutes, I even went to help with probes on the left. At some point someone started to take my probes, I went to clear the other cube and transformer and the gate. They were gone fast enough, then I headed to the left side. They finished the gate after I managed the spheres and probes that emerged when I destroyed the right gate. Donatra was sent off very fast thanks to the fact that noone went close to her ship - GW, APB3 and a lot of HY plasma torps did the job.
PuGs sure are interesting