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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
There's also the fact that the K'vort was called "battlecruiser" onscreen.
Yes, this is exactly why I reffered to the K'Vort as a battlecruiser before. I don't make the Trek rules, I follow them.

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Just for the sake of information.... if you BUY a C-Store Retrofit, you pay 2,000 ZEN... and then have to pay 500 Zen To Get 1 Module. UNLESS You are planning to have ALL YOUR CHARACTERS get a Fleet B'Rel.... NO POINT.
It's the same with any fleet ship that receives a discount when you own the Tier 5 C-Store version. The fleet ship costs an aditional module.
And the B'rel is one of those ships that make the best point to have on more than 1 char, especially on the red side with the lack of proper sicence ships for example - all universal stations with battlecloak? Yes please, I can use her on my sicence captains as well as my tacts. I don't really play engineers so I wouldn't know, but I've seen people do that as well.
Besides, the fleet B'rel comes from a Tier 5 shipyard and there are still just a few fleets that reached this, so if someone is a fan of the B'rel and wants to fly his/hers favourite ship the only option is the C-Store Retrofit.

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J.J. Abrams Gorn?
Oh, hell no! There is already a game about J.J. Gorn, it's called Jurassic Park.