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09-04-2013, 06:21 AM
Originally Posted by thorodal View Post
Over one and half year have passed now since that post was made, and the issue STILL hasn't got fixed. What kind of bug does take that long to fix when "top men" are working on it? Sheesh!
The real frustrating thing about it is, that they revamped (or rather broke) the character creation system, which was completely unnecessary in my opinion as it's more confusing and less user friendly than before, tinkered with off duty outfits for KDF player characters and were seemingly to inept to include a fix to the marauding Boff issue.

Not even a notice as to if they're still working on it, if it's on their to do list, or if they're simply uncapable of fixing it.

The issue still comes up quite often in ingame chat, too.

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