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09-04-2013, 08:27 AM
The thing is I can't clone myself. If the 4 of them were just killing the probes from both sides, I could take care of everything else and still get the optional. There are times in PuGs when you just have to let yourself be carried and swallow the fact that you do 2000 DPS. KASE is the only STF (from the old 3) that you simply can't do without sensible help. In ISE and CSE, however your teammates halfass, you can make it right with sheer firepower.

Eventful or not - it's very subjective and is based on how the majority of your pugs go. In KASE with a good PuG team we finish with 8 to 9:30 left on the optional. With a bad PuG team - 4 to 6 minutes left on the optional.

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