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09-04-2013, 11:00 AM
In no particular order:

A pass on all the bugs that still bother us, there are many of them some of which are from launch.

More ships and more skins for them, fill in the gaps the KDF has in its fleet roster.

A new space sector or two, Gornar, Fersia , The Lethean homeworld ,Nausicaan pirate base or Orion space there are many options it is supposed to be the Klingon Empire not the Klingon one and a half sectors of space.

Upgrade the existing social zones, Ganalda station is missing many of the key NPC vendors (BO trainer for example) to make it a truly useful social hub (likely because it was once the home of the PvP vendors before the change) .

A new social hub, put it in the new sector of space. Hell make it Ty'Gokor , the military HQ of the empire during the Dominion wars and one of the most defended bases in the sector.

Fix the copy and paste missions so they are up to standard with the newly added ones. (Aka remove references to being Starfleet/Federation/Human ect as well as fed transporter effects )

KDF exclusive missions, there is quite a number of species in the KDF that could have an entire arc dedicated to them. All the ones in game are currently focused on the Klingons only but it would be nice to get some missions from the perspective of one of the other races.

Give the non Klingon races some love to, they all could do with it in different forms. From the Gorns lack of melee ability to the Letheans being completely ignored each species needs something.

Oh and the honour guard and boff bugs need looking at to especially as they are not simple to acquire.
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