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09-04-2013, 12:49 PM
Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
Good to see a general consensus that the Rep System could do with some tweaking, and for the most part people like my ideas either as is or possibly with their own variants versions. And I'm pretty ok with most of those too.

The one thing that keeps getting brought up, that I just can not get behind, is a full account-wide Rep. Example: Finish Omega Rep on Character Alpha and all your other characters get T5 Omega Rep access at the same time. I do not like this idea.

When we level-up our Captain's Rank we unlock passive powers, access to ships, gear, etc, etc. That is done per character, and is generally accepted as the norm. Leveling in the Rep system similarly offers passives powers, access to gear, new missions, and so on. It should require work to complete for each of your characters.

As described in the OP, some adjustments could be made, but a straight one-and-done? I personally don't think it's fair.

Note that combining the three Reps, I've reached Tier 5 26 times over nine characters (with a 10th alt about a week away from three more T5s, and four more allts slowly chugging along). In ways most people probably don't, I appreciate just how much of a grind the system is.

This isn't a feeling of "Everyone should have to suffer like me.", either. I just think the Rep payoffs are worth the effort required to attain them. Mostly (again, could use some tweaks).

For PvE yeah, I agree. It's all about attaining gear.

The problem is in PvP, Rep systems like we have are a huge obstacle.

They deter newer players from partaking, they create a wide gap in power potential between new & old characters, as well as new vs. established players.

Creating extra hurdles, that are all entirely PvE focused, are extremely frustrating for players that really want to log into the game and just PvP to have fun.