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09-04-2013, 01:12 PM
The biggest problem I've found with starting out in PVP, is one match I will do awesome loads of kills, damage and die very rarely or maybe not even once I will feel like a GOD think to myself I've sussed this PVP job


The next match p0ps you have 3 odyssey AFK'ers sat there and ill get three cheeky kills with 20+ deaths get zapped with all sorts of cheese TIF, GRAV PULSE, new elachi "ill give you lag make your screen black and then kill you" console then it makes you think why the hell did I grind my arse off for that Marion doff just to come here and get Rofl stomped FFS

It really is a patient time consuming and costly game if your not willing to stick with it, stick with the Borg as next patch will only bring more cheese

However it does feel good when you kill a player compared to a scripted sphere but it feels equally as bad when you get ganked or tag teamed by a shed load of experienced kdf
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