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09-04-2013, 02:43 PM
Originally Posted by z3ndor99 View Post
are you pvper's really like what us pve'ers think you are?
I'd be interested to hear what that is...

In my experience, the majority of PvP-oriented players are a lot more congenial and helpful than end-game PvE players.

Join the channel OrganizedPvP and you can almost always get friendly advice. People will even work with your playstyle so you wouldn't have to force yourself into the 'ultimate PvP build' (which is debatable anyway).

Anyway it's pretty much been said in other posts, but PvP is mostly for the challenge and dynamic gameplay. If you do decide to work on your PvP skills, you'll likely end up realizing how insufferably easy and tedious PvE can be.
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