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09-04-2013, 03:43 PM
Originally Posted by sulfrustriple View Post
Is it possible to develop some data on the hypothetical that the slavers are failing to loot when on different deployment orders? Perhaps an hour of looting on no orders, attack, escort, intercept and see if there is any measurable difference in results? If there is something to this, then perhaps that will gain more attention from the Cryptic team.

And yes, I realize many more than 1 hour may be needed to determine the validity of these findings given the low current rates. It would be better to use high level slavers for the testing purposes to have contraband on the loot table.
Well, as it seems, the Advanced Slavers do everything you say, but loot? Nothing at all.

And that green Slavers actually are blue ones, bought for EC.
And their loot rate is really low. Last time I used them, I got 3 items in 5 rounds in Beta Thoridar...

All this looks more like an increase by -300%