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Originally Posted by z3ndor99 View Post
Well the title says all really. I've only been to kerrat once, i've only ever excepted a 1v1 invitation once and was crap ( to put it bluntly ), so if pvp is truly the endgame how do i start, who do i speak to, bootcamp maybe, are you pvper's really like what us pve'ers think you are? This is just a simple thread from a pve'er wanting more, cheers.
Well Ker'rat is where I learned PvP initially because I got stomped in the Ques very badly when I was level 15 on my first Character. To be honest Ker'rat will give you constant chances to play against others, but a large lacking in advice or friendly competition. Boot camp is an excellent source for information, tips, builds, or general strategies for use in the PvP aspect of this game. Now that being said, sometimes Boot Camp does not work on your schedule, for that you need only to look no further then the forums, we have stickys at the top where builds/strategies are discussed freely and openly with competetive sharing or One upping kept to a minimum.

Now as for the PvPers reputation, we are a bit on the arrogant side. But then again, the bottom 1% of PvPers, is better then the top 1% of PvErs that have not PvPed. So you do not have to be the greatest to be great. The community of those who are skilled is too small. To be honest, there is probly about 100-200 actually legendary PvPers. The rest you can jump in and stand a chance against right out of the gate.

Now if you are wanting just to be better at the game, PvP is your best bet, we think and the borg do not. The builds that work in PvP are much better then the average build for PvE. With the exception of specialized builds.

In a nutshell, come join us. The worst that could happen is you get better.

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