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09-04-2013, 04:17 PM
So, I agree that the Rep System is bad. And I do think that opening the tiers to the account BY Faction is the best way to do it. But to get the special abilities that tier gives and the store gear to be bought, have the alts do an assingment to unlock that ability. And this thing can require more resources that the the first character did to open it. It will reduce the grind but still require some effort to unlock the abilities and gear for use. Nothing is free, but it should never feel like a job to get to the end game gear. And the harder you make it to get to, the more likley you will see people search for greener pastures. I have 4 character at max level, and I am trying to rep grind all four. But I don't get to log on every day due to family life. And the rep system I have hated since they have implemented it. I wished they had taking a better route than they did. And I hope they would take a look at this thread and the various suggestions and complaints presented.