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Originally Posted by crashdragon View Post
I just know I'm going to get raged at , called a troll, coward, etc.

But I all ways found PvPer's to be spiteful and bratty. All ways having to win no matter what the cost, childish taunting, teasing, ganging up on weaker players, etc.

Always put's me off, no matter the game. I know it's just a game, but so many don't see this and even cheat to get that all important win. The hell with feeling's that the other player is feeling.

K, rage away. =3
your talking about 10% of players, on any pvp game. the % is higher on FPS though, those attract the kiddies more

dont let thier negativity ruin it for you. the vast, vast, majority of pvp regulars are great
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