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09-05-2013, 07:23 AM
Yes, the proc is horrible. They should either raise the proc chance or the proc range a bit. I know that weapon mods aren't supposed to create uber-dps, but at least it should be close to other mods.

A few of my parses. I included the regular DPS from the beams, to see and compare how many hits were necessary to create a proc, and how "much" DPS they were dishing out. In theory the chance for a proc is 2,5%, but the chance of getting a proc, while another target is within 3 km is much, much lower in most situations, even when using 2 copies of Gravity Well.

Atrox, 6x Refracting Tetryons Mk. XII [acc]x2, 2x Gravity Well, no FaW

Cure Space:

Tetryon Beam Hits: 2.895
Tetryon Beam DPS: 3.502
Tetryon Refraction Hits: 16
Tetryon Refaction DPS: 19

Chrystalline Entity:

Tetryon Beam Hits: 862
Tetryon Beam DPS: 780
Tetryon Refraction Hits: 25
Tetryon Refaction DPS: 24

Infected Space Elite:

Tetryon Beam Hits: 1.550
Tetryon Beam DPS: 3.684
Tetryon Refraction Hits: 5
Tetryon Refaction DPS: 4

Mirror Invasion Run A:

Tetryon Beam Hits: 978
Tetryon Beam DPS: 2.756
Tetryon Refraction Hits: 6
Tetryon Refaction DPS: 13

Mirror Invasion Run B:

Tetryon Beam Hits: 1.029
Tetryon Beam DPS: 2.949
Tetryon Refraction Hits: 2
Tetryon Refaction DPS: 4

Federation Fleet Alert (Borg)

Tetryon Beam Hits: 2.327
Tetryon Beam DPS: 2.626
Tetryon Refraction Hits: 17
Tetryon Refaction DPS: 21

so in the End, any purple Tet Array from the exchange with accx2 plus a random modifier would be better than the refracting tet.

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