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09-05-2013, 09:04 AM
Not my worse ISE really, but what happened in it sure made it special/memorable enough to mention it here. I believe this was a match setup through publicelitestf channel. But it went so wrong that I started thinking that maybe it wasn't a private ise.

So we quickly and painlessly took care of the patrols (why are they even there?). I head left like the usual, kill cube and generators and begin working on the transformer. It was then that I noticed we were missing 2 people, who were busy blowing nanite gens/cube on the right side. I'm stunned at this point, asking myself what the heck is going on. Ok, maybe they're bringing the nan gen to 10%. So I write in team chat: "new tactic eh?"

...Seconds later...

Aww heck? Why are spheres warping in? Aww heck again, they're heading right. At that point we weren't even done with the left transformer yet. And the right cube was still alive and kicking. A few seconds later, optional was gone.

One teammate promptly warped out (was only 15 marks dude, chill lol), the rest stuck around. I'm dazed, getting a reality check about publicelitestf lol. There was a weird awkward silence that followed, left transformer finally went down, then prepared to head right, dreading what's waiting for me there. Once I got there, it was not pretty, there were at the very least a dozen spheres, many healing the transformer. Tough, but challenge accepted, cleaned up. The rest was a breeze.

That was one hilariously bad ISE but I'm secretly thankful for it. It broke the monotony in my grind routine.

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