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09-05-2013, 10:05 AM
I tend to use Rep to give a character a theme. My Romulan does Romulan reputation, my fed tac does Omega rep, etc. I see reputation systems as the mission starfleet has assigned one of my characters. For me, the problems is that I need 2 more fun and interesting (I dont find tholians fun) rep categories so my 4 characters all have a clear purpose.

Ask yourself: would starfleet assign a ship and crew to rebuild Romulus while fighting the borg all the time? I think it is more logical to assume that the Omega task force members spend all their time fighting the borg, where as some ships spend all their time helping the Romulan people. I realize this is an in universe explanation for a game mechanic, but it keeps me happy. Also, as a bonus, it differentiates my characters in a meaningful way!