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09-05-2013, 04:48 PM
Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
Well interestingly enough, if Gravity Well III actually dealt the damage listed on the tooltip, it would be able to bring an escort to 25% hull when particle generators is max specced + conservation of energy trait, providing the science vessel could hold the escort in the well for the full 20 second duration. Naturally that is before healing, but it would make the skill viable again against players. All of those pet spam items would die quite quickly if Gravity Well III actually worked correctly. Yellowstone runabouts would die after about 10 seconds in the Gravity Well. Now if only Gravity Well III held like the Singularity Jump ability. For now though, we all still have Vent Theta Radiation and Tractor beam to keep the pesky escorts from getting away.

This is great news, thanks.
Yes, hopefully this will be the case. I have builds that use both Gravity Well I and III and I noticed that they seem about equal in terms of hold and damage. I never thought to check into it being a bug and assumed it was working as intended.

Hopefully, they will consider also increasing the hold. It is a commander level power. It should at least have as much hold as tractor beam I if 130 AUX is put into it.

And a big thank you for finding this bug.