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09-05-2013, 04:02 PM
Can I be the Negative Nancy? Well, Negative Ned/Norm/Nigel/etc...

Originally Posted by jheinig View Post
I found an issue that was causing the kinetic damage on GravWell 2 & 3 to not account properly for the player's Aux power. The system guys are going to update it and test it to make sure that this doesn't suddenly cause its damage output to go too high, but we will definitely fix it so that if you use GW3 with a high Aux rating, it will scale up and be better than GW1.
It will be better than GW1 stands now...or...are we looking at a nerf to GW1 because of how powerful GW3 could end up otherwise? Thus, resulting in GW2/GW3 being better than the "new" GW1...?