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I find it funny when you call a bad team out on a mission that is actually quite simple to do once you get the hang of it they get all mad and angry then start the insult game I find it funny. It only happens when you call theme out on it or stat that fact, Example the STF Conduit I find this level or mission even on Elite quite simple, Kill all ships in the area in than 15 minutes with out theme healing. Yet for many I see it is Mission Impossible, they A don't look and check there surrounding9not requited but a smart idea), or they die a hundred times then complain even more when they cant stay alive for than a second or kill the Large Nanite Generator before the Nanite Spheres get there. Just funny if you ask me, if you want you can post the worse teams you have seen and why if you want.
I was thrown into that situation when I first started running STF Elites. In fact, at first, I either hated or was afraid to run them for a while. After running them for a few times with one of my fleets, and upgrading all of my equipment, I eventually got used to them and even started to enjoy running them! And believe it or not, I have become quite experienced running them! I will admit that the number of time I have been sunk in them has been hit and miss (between not being sunk at all and getting sunk every 5-10 seconds). But, I have truly gone from being a very inexperienced player to being a veteran in a short time! As such, I believe that it is very much possible that these players who are performing very poorly and then complaining about it are probably very green players that are only experienced in running the normal STFs. My advice, cut 'em some slack! Remember, we were all there at one point or another! Also, ask them what their current build is and give them advice on what they can do to improve upon them! Remember, YOU are the veteran and THEY are not!