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09-05-2013, 07:12 PM
I probably won't use the rep system on my other characters. I have 5. I'm almost done with the Omega rep, and the Tholian rep and Romulan rep are done. The thing is, I don't really mindthe rep system or the grind. It's there to keep prestige gear out of the hands of every toon out there. This way that prestige equipment is still rarish, but available for those of us willing to pay the ridiculous prices to make an all rating XII ship.

I do like the idea of the tier progression being account shared, but binding the store unlocks and the items to character. This way you alleviate some of the grind (sure, I ran the Tholian Nebula rescue six times this week, but running it with 3 different ships is less tedious than 1).

I also think some, not all DoFFs should offer marks. If I send my duty officers to reinforce a base in Romulan territory, track Borg fleet movements, or have my chef explore the culinary applications of Tholian corpses I think that is worth a fleet mark or two. It also encourages players to regularly patol the regions that they are supposedly having all this impact in.

That said, the epoph DoFFs are awesome and reduce the grind for the Romulan rep exponentially and I think it would be also cool to intigrate something similar to get Omega marks, Neural processors, or Tholian marks as time goes on and more projects are added.