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# 108 Closing Necro Thread
09-06-2013, 06:32 AM
Random thoughts on necroposting...

Search is your friend. Except when it's not...

That ragepost suddenly sounds familiar...

"Archived Post" used to know what he was talking about...

Picard would like to congratulate you for unearthing such a fine relic...

Please remember to check the dates of threads; and if you find an old thread which violates the PWE Community Rules and Policies or has been inactive for over 30 days before someone replied to it just report it and avoid posting in it.

Please bear in mind that re-posting in "necro'd" threads is considered a form of spamming.

Note that you're more than welcome to post in an existing active topic or to start a new thread on the topic if there are no active topics already.

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