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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
Last I checked Aid the planet sucked because you didn't get Level-appropriate items for it... I'd rther scan 5 consoles than give away a few thousand ec worth of commods for nothing.

My fave mission script is the one for scanning 5 anomalies. The actual mission is to collect data samples! ^_^ Love it!

Most of them are a bit boring, but I do like the Decalithium prospecting script since you get to fight off claim-jumpers.
I agree. My thought is that the mission should have three dialoge options:

1. Not right now, we'll get back to you on it. (wait to come back to the mission)
2. We'll get our industrial replicators to work on it. (Basic mission complete)
3. We have a full supply prepare for transport (Mission complete, commodites given for dilithium bonus)