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Please tell me that an update for this kind of thing is on the way to vastly improve explorations for Fed players because it's really bad old stuff in there like ships that just appear out of nowhere, almost no aid the planets, or just scan computer consoles constantly.

I'm hoping we'll see more of what we saw with the romulan missions where we were scanning things on new Romulus (science), Disarming explosives in a station (Tactical), or fixing items in a ship or station (engineer).
I have the impression exploration is not on their "important" list, rather they where doing it when there's nothing more important for them to do.

Here's a LINK to the Upcoming content List on the STO Wiki
You'll find exploration revamp at the Undetermined Release section.

Like you i wish it had a much higher priority.
But stuff that sells is more important (to them) than classical Star Trek themes.
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