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09-06-2013, 01:16 PM
I'm on board with this idea!

(Bear in mind, I'm a Mod, not a Dev, and have no power or authority to 'make it so'.)

I think it should be a VR or 'Unique' DOFF. Faction, name, custom description/quote to be provided by the contestants.

All of the races currently in use in the DOFF system should be fair game, with the addition of the 'Alien' choice, and contestants should submit an in-game headshot of the character (could be from the Foundry).

All of the standard specializations should also be fair game, but contestants should be free to suggest others.

Contestants should also suggest a set of traits appropriate for the character. They can only suggest traits which already exist in the DOFF Assignment system and are appropriate for the character's faction and race.

And it should go without saying that Cryptic/PWE would reserve the right to make any changes to the winning entries to make them suitable for gameplay.

One winning entry could be selected per faction. The winning entries would appear in a future lockbox or doff pack. The winners could get bragging rights in the form of an in-game title "Master Recruiter" or some such - nothing of monetary value to avoid the usual contest legal issues.

Whatdya think?
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