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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
ship stats are middle of the road warbird, so beter then its patrol or advanced escort peers, plus haveing a BC on top of it.

quads need to be ACC2DAM2, or they are just horrible against a player. cant advanced fleet quads get added?
It feels like there's a definite "push" coming from Cryptic regarding Plasma for PvE but for it to stay out of PvP.

Like in the other conversation on it, to get the 2pc Harness you're looking at 2 non-Acc weapons or 1+console and for the 3pc to get Hyperflux it's definitely 2 non-Acc weapons. To get the +10% Plasma from the 2pc Enhanced Plasma Infusion set (an ability +10% not console +10%), you're once again looking at slotting a non-Acc weapon.

To get the +7.6% (console-like) and the +10% (ability-like), you're looking at slotting 2-3 non-Acc weapons...which is fine in PvE. Heck, go with some Rom Plasma for the Disruptor Proc - toss out the APB, etc, etc, etc...and yeah, it looks pretty spiffy over in PvE where mobs are running HE or the new WCE DOFF, etc, etc, etc.

Wish I had a guy that could test that combination of +Plasma stuff over on Tribble...none of my Roms over there can, my Holo Rom's not an energy guy, and my guy with access to everything's not a Rom.
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