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Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
The BOFF seating has me bothered some but it is slightly less ridiculous than the Dhelan Retrofit so... I do not think its good for the game to have ships running around with 6 different heal abilities and a Cmdr Tac station at the same time but we're already past that.
You can basically do the Tor'Kaht BOFF layout with it...depending on the consoles of the Fleet Ar'kif...if it's +1 Eng, it's basically a nimbler Fleet Tor'Kaht (with less hull, lower shield mod, +turn, +inertia, likely +imp mod, minus an Aft Weapon but with a battle cloak instead of cloak)...

edit: As pointed out, the "basically" part includes switching the Cmdr Eng for Cmdr Tac.
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