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Originally Posted by marshalericdavid View Post
Yep that is why the increased timer to try to get people to be better by not want to go a long time without doing anything wile waiting to respawn. It is a good thing I think.
The only thing I've seen the increased respawn timer encourage (since it was introduced) is to push people farther towards requiring a one-man army mentality. Now, I respect the ability of players (in any game) to look after themselves, move out of the fire, self-heal etc, but I think it has actually diminished the capacity to engage in quality inter-dependent teamplay in this game, particularly given the transience of the LFG system.

Instead of encouraging a team to help one another, people are chastised for not helping themselves. I'd rather see an acceptance that a team will do better working together than as separate entities (at least in what I want from teamplay experiences). I'm saying I think things have gone towards the other extreme, where we are NOT playing as a team, but a 5 individuals. In which case, whats the point?
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