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Originally Posted by jetwtf View Post
It's 10%. 2-5% is too close to 0 and can be just 1 hit from a pet or FAW to blow it. Plus if you use beams it becomes really hard to get them to stop firing when you want them to because they fire in cycles.

That 10% strategy works in pugs and isnt really all that hard to do when everyone knows it. Last 4 pugs i did it worked. Best strategy is having someone with repulsors waiting by the gate just incase someone pops a generator early because of firing a long ass line of torp high yield and one or 2 of the others on the team cant DPS themselves out of a wet paper bag.
I will say one last thing on this particular point in this thread and then forever hold my peace (again, in this thread).

The caveaut is WHEN EVERYONE KNOWS IT. Those are even your words. The sad truth is, nine times out of ten, only a few of the players know that strategy, which limits how many can actually execute it.

If I am on a team that makes it a point to talk strategy, I go along with that plan of action. Unfortunatly, most matches start with a player flying straight at the cube at full speed and all weapons blazing. At that point, it is quite clear that there is no strategy or coordination. This assesment is further reinforced when I fire over the chat "EVERYONE TO ONE SIDE! ONE SIDE AT A TIME!". I then try to implement the gate guard strategy by covering the gate and asking for assistance when I can't kill the arriving ships fast enough. As long as the nanite ships are dying faster than they can get to the generators, I trust that the other team members will eventually take care of the generators.