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09-07-2013, 04:31 PM
That sort of money can be made per day, sure, but it's going to be from having a big bankroll, and buying/selling on the exchange.

I bet 90%+ of the people making 25m/day+ are doing it from watching the exchange. There's some serious money to be made from mispricing and people not understanding the concept of value on some stuff (acc3 or crd3 weapons), or selling stacks as single items. The problem is do you fancy clicking "search" for 3 solid hours of game time? Rooted to that one spot on ESD? I'll pass.

The problem is, this method of making money is incredibly boring for most people, and you need a decent bankroll to get going. I find if I have 100m+ in the bank, it's much easier to make money. If you only have 10-20m capital, you're going to struggle.

If you're going to be farming EC by way of contraband/doffing/loot then you won't match those numbers. Make that "month" instead of "day". Maybe "week" if you have enough toons.

Nobody is making 100m "easily" per day unless they have an exploit. But sure, there are day-traders who watch the exchange, snipe stuff, buy/sell high value items quickly who might be able to make 25-100m per day consistently if they have several hours to put into it.

I know a couple of players who do this regularly, who have 1 billion+ EC - but that's pretty much all they do. Neither of them care about dilithium or ship collecting or even any PvE content much at all, they get their fun from making stacks on the exchange.

I'm the other way, I love spending EC - I just need to earn large quantities of it so I can waste it on junk that I don't need. (I'm looking at you Orb Weaver, launch day, 80m EC. Ended up discharging it. Worse. Purchase. Ever.)


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