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Originally Posted by topset View Post
I'm just curious then, what exactly do you do in-game?

I've been playing since beta, I put in my time in just about every part that the game offers.... I got lots of stuff, got 9 vice admirals with good ships and purple gear.... but I still like to zoom around in my starships and have fun without the headach of "having" to do anything.

I have no need to grind anymore..... I got around 50 mill in the bank at any given time...... bank is full of purple gear for new toons I am playing and leveling ( I take my time these days)...

not interested in lockbox ships or items at all....the gear I earned is fine ( all my captains are flying different ships as well...I have earned a lot of viariety to date without using real money).

endgame doesnt interest me at all after I run the missions a couple times and go back to them periodically at best. Same with marks and dilithium as I said...did the them peroiodically...but thats it....I have no need to keep at it.....I'll go mine when I want to skip around in a pressure suit.....I do pugs if I'm bored, serious runs if freinds are on line.... but I prefer solo to team most of the time.....( I watch Netflix on the second monitor alot while I play )

..... Guess I am more of an explorer admiral type than a ambitious new captain these days.

many people think end game is grinding to get the best things over the other guy....I think it as I've earned the right to do what I want comfortably with what I've earned over my career....and I no longer have to worry about where any resources are coming from if I want to start another character.

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