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09-07-2013, 05:26 PM
Step 1 have many toons at 50, at 1 a week. It isn't too bad

Step 2 do ec farming foundry missions at avg 600k a pop

Step 3 convert dil to zen, pool it and buy the current best bang for buck item that can be sold on the exchange, currently the survivor packs are number 1 but not for much longer

Step 4 sell do contraband missions and sell em..kdf did this hand over fist but it has been nerfed

Step 5 sell everything to vendors and when I doubt check current exchange prices

Step 6 sell fleet marks...unsure how profitable it is

Step 7 find the artifact doff mission and do it on all toons

Step 8 do asylum doff missions and sell the rares/very rares

Bonus if you leveled roms, sell your amazing rom officers you gained while leveling up, that have superior rom op and subterfuge for 9 mil+

Another bonus, come in first in fleet actions for decent sellables

That's enough for now...
Chive on and prosper, eh?

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