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09-07-2013, 06:23 PM
I imagine the person was exaggerating. However, I am quite certain It is doable, without resorting to exchange flipping. You just need a good number of alts. Klink for preference.

Firstly you can do the Pi-Canis missions in a cheep bop build in the space of 15-20 minutes that's 4k dilithium (klink side only). which you can turn into EC one way or another. Your limited to once a day per alt, but if you have 10 klink alts that's 4.5mill EC worth of keys to sell in the space of 3.3 hours work. From that we can make 25 mill in the space of 18.4 hours. Which is less then a day. You just need 57 Klingon alts.

However I recon you could do better then that with fewer alts. lets go with 5 Klingon alts instead and have them run federation minefield.

This 5 man fleet action rewards 3 very rare mk XI items if you get first place. With practice and the right build you can consistently do this. Provided your not unlucky enough to be in a group with some one else who knows what they are doing.

The downsides are that your very rare mk xi items are random, your as likely to get an item worth 5k as one worth 5mill. But you have all day to get lucky a few times and make that 25mill. I recon its possible to make significantly more then 25mill in the day if the RNG smiles upon you.