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Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
Tacs have to specialize heavily in weapon skills *and* load up on Tac consoles and universal consoles to do top damage. I dont see the difference.
ENG and SCi do the same those Points are spend no matter what class or what ship you in.
Same with the consols they are equiped no matter if you fly a Cruiser, SCi-Vessel or Scort.

It is not that you have a choice without gimping you even further.

The only saving grace to it is that most of the TAC skills you need ecxept the ones modifying Crit dmaage are at the lower end off the skill tree so costing less where SCi skills are all over the place.

result is you have to invest in the same skills as everyone else and ontop of that into another set of high cost skills that no one ecxept a SCi Station heavy ship would consider to use in any greater quantity.

It's double taxing the skillpoints if you want to fly with Magic.
And still the results are less.

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