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Originally Posted by splitboy View Post
ENG and SCi do the same those Points are spend no matter what class or what ship you in.
That's not true at all. You may think you're entitled to do full weapon damage and all sci abilities at the same time but you arent. The minimum for sci is Maneuvers (def) and Targeting (acc), everything else in the top two rows are optional.

You can make a great drain ship that only uses the polaron/tetryon procs and doesnt have any points in damage or crit chance skills.

Simple choice really, you can do some weapon damage and some sci, or you can do no weapon damage and a lot of sci, you're not entitled to all of it.

Sci ships have limited weapon mounts precisely because they arent supposed to do a lot of weapon damage... You can overcome, to an extent, doesnt mean you're entitled to it.