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Most of my wishes were covered by the second post here. So here's my pet-peeves instead.

A better translation of theme from Fed when offering similar reward missions.

We should be Dilithium Mine Raiding, not mining.

We should have built a Marauding Outpost, not a Diplomatic Embassy.

We should be pressing cluster systems for tribute, not coming to their aid.

I would also completely re-write the reason we are on DS9 for the Dominion arc.

It makes no sense us being present because the threat is too great. Very weak writing. I would instead make it the Bajorians who insisted on our help, who demanded Starfleet call a cease fire in that sector of space and the Bajorians parlay for our aid rather than Starfleet.

We need a better, clearer progression of the war as we level. There needs to be a few key conversations with our mission givers as we work through our story arcs which paint the war as going cold as we level, or at least let us know why there are cease fire arrangements in specific regions. It needs to become an over-arching theme with our missions: At first we are on the front lines, as we level we are dragged into the deeper intrigue, the reason for the war: working to eradicate the Undine from our quadrant; must become far more prevalent.

I would continue to suggest some missions at the very end are re-written to show that not the KDF and Starfleet, but Klingon Intelligence and Secton 31 are working together to fight the Borg threat, that you are involved because you have seen the truth - it isnt about fighting Starfleet, it is about stopping the Undine, and the Borg incursion.

I shouldn't have to dig the internet for a 3rd party site that outlines the Path to 2409, and glean the reasons for the war from there. It should have been in my face the whole time, and the story should unfold and mature as my character does.
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