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09-08-2013, 12:53 AM
Originally Posted by dahminus View Post
You don't want the old way...extremely low chance for a piece if gear to drop that getas rolled for.../shudder

Current way allows people to get maco/khg gear
To be honest, that way worked fine for me. Guaranteed mk xi sets in about 10-20 STF's, and a decent shot at the mk xii set in that time too, though that might take a little longer.

As it is now, that same mk xi set takes weeks to unlock, before I able to buy that set for a pretty hefty cost.

As it is now, many of my characters will never see a mk xi STF set, or even a mk x set, because of the silly timegated slidershifting piece of spreadsheeting put in place to prevent access to these sets. In the previous system, 15 STF's guaranteed at least 1 full mk xi set.