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09-08-2013, 05:05 AM
I had been thinking myself recently about a TNG bundle, and how this could probably be applied to just about every era/series etc in the show. Face it, us Trekkies tend to have pretty specific ideas about what our characters, ships etc should look like, either for sake of canon, immersion or homage to our favourite aspects of Trekdom!
Another "bundle" I was thinking about would be the likes of:

"Movie era bundle":
- TWOK and TMP uniforms (with appropriate TWOK rank pins, obviously!)
- Connie refit interiors and bridge
- Maybe a Khan-style genetic engineered duty/bridge officer?

An earlier post here suggested a full on TWOK bundle with engineer uniform, heavy away team jacket etc- phenomenal idea!

We really will spend the cash for the right ideas, there is a lot of money for cryptic/ PWE to make by simply pandering to our whims for vanity and Role Playing items.

Any other Bundle ideas?