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09-08-2013, 06:02 AM
Hmmm...definitely taking a different route than the "standard escort". It's got the damage potential of an escort, and while it has a sturdy hull, it's paying for it in so many ways: in this case, the already-strained singularity core power levels are getting pushed even lower.

If you use Annihilation mode, you're pushing your max power level from 160 to 150, and if you use the quad cannons, you're losing an extra 10 points from engines while firing, pushing your effective max to 140 points.* You're taking an escort-esque penalty to shields, but also taking a blow to speed and maneuverability, which is not-at-all escort-esque...but you don't take half of that penalty 'til you're firing...hmmm....

With the Singularity-fuelled beam weapon from the console, and the other factors, I'm thinking this is how the ship is intended to work: maneuver into position under cloak and open fire, remaining stationary or slow while you build and burn singularity charge using the console's plasma beam. When you start taking fire, cloak and reposition, getting your decloak bonus when you pick up again.

*Caveat: with fleet cores and the +Singularity Charge bonus from Annihilation mode, you'll be able to spend more time with your core charged, mitigating the power penalty somewhat.