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Originally Posted by topset View Post
Great post, the reason I ask is because I'm completely the same. I have enough resources and supplies to last me, I've got 8 characters, they all have the rep they need (Mostly just T2, it's quick and easy) I've bought all the lockbox ships that interest me, I've mashed all the STFs a million times, got over a hundred mill in the bank so I don't need to actually do anything.

I just... don't find myself logging on as much as I used to, because frankly I've done it all. Only thing left is PvP - and lets face it, is that really worth the headaches?

Just looking for inspiration to keep me coming back, barring foundry missions of good content done by trekkies, and most of that is sifting through garbage looking for gems. The only thing keeping me in the game is my fleet which I've put a lot of time and effort into, but even that just plods along with nothing but shoving doffs at it.
I do the mostly the same, except for the money.
Somehow i almost never have any money left, since i am always tweaking one of my characters just for fun.

Btw. Very interesting Thread.
It seems i don't have the lobes for a good deal on the exchange, lol
I could need a good tip how to invest 50 mil, or does someone know where to get some good infos?

Some tips for massive money making would be appreciated.
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