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Originally Posted by dahminus View Post
You don't want the old way...extremely low chance for a piece if gear to drop that getas rolled for.../shudder

Current way allows people to get maco/khg gear
I prefer the old way. Reputation system sucks and you know why?, I could only run ISEs (easiest one) and get exactly the same rewards as someone that digs ALL the queues, so it's clearly NOT FAIR, NOT FAIR at all. Some guy that never played a single ground can get the same clothes and loots than any other player that digs elite grounds all day.

Now i have over 40.000 omega marks and i just can't use them in anything else, so for me stf's are quite useless, i only dig em to get dil. Drops should be purples more often, I mean I only GET PURE CRAP! Stf's are turning more and more useless, holy **** this whole new season has been a BIG MISTAKE. Not to mention the current hundreds of bugs.