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Often rolled for by people who already had the item and just wanted the tokens to stockpile in the bank. I remember the threads that appeared when they introduced the rep system and people were complaining that they were losing stacks of prototype salvage and techs they had stored...

So it used to be fair when someone dragged himself through KAGE for months, over and over again, for that last prototype tech, carrying PuGs and in the end gets his token rolled away by someone in greens who entered the queue for the first time?

As far as time is concerned, if you didn't get lucky on tech or salvage, it was an endless EDC grind to get a complete mk Xi space set. 120 ECs for the set at a rate of 1 for a normal, 2 for an elite STF outside the event?

You had people that had to run 60 elites to get their set, while others got it in 3. Now THAT is what I'd call unfair.
I think the split is between grinds-under the old system, you had to grind six missions if you wanted a full set both ground and space, but the time taken was irregular and random. Under the new system, you're guaranteed to get it-by grinding ONE mission over and over and over and over endlessly if you want.

six of one, half dozen of the other-either way, you're grinding something. which is the very nature of PvE.
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