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Those checks? Already done, frequently, for other lockbox ships, for their unique equipment in the Dilithium store. Adding another check in the Lobi store wouldn't require all that much additional code. (And, since it's a simple check, it's not really even AI. It's just a routine.)
No kidding. The game runs on a very centralized server. All game processing fuctions and algorithims occur on the server with none performed on the connecting server. That is the game's biggest weakness. If the main server gets a glitch or crashes, the enitre game stops.

Sad really, when private player instances such as the exploration missions could be easily accoplished locally by the connecting terminal in much the same way SETI de-centralized data processing by using remote computers connected to the internet. This reduced the SETI server's workload since it shared the data processing. I think that this game would work much better if some of that data processing was shared.

Likewise, since the Foundry UI does not interact with the main server except for game instance processing (and open chat) that part of the game could be almost completely off loaded to the user's computer. If that was done, then players could dicker with creating user missions while the server was down and undergoing repairs.

While this would do wonders for user gameing experience, Cryptic/Atari/Perfect World does not want to relenquish even a scrap of game control for fear of hackers breaking the game code and cheating.